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On this blog: popular posts. (Note: some of these are old posts, so they might be slightly outdated.)

Marketing: What I've learned.
Thoughts from six months of self-publishing.
Indie publishing: What I did wrong, what I did right, and future plans.

How I plan a novel
On choosing a publishing path
My editing process
Some tips for planning a series
Some tips for streamlining the writing process!

Writing books I recommend

Rachel Aaron - 2K-10K: Writing Faster, Better, and Writing More of What You Love
Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi - The Emotion Thesaurus (and also The Positive Trait Thesaurus and The Negative Trait Thesaurus).
Blake Snyder - Save the Cat
Donald Maas - Writing the Breakout Novel
James Scott Bell - Write Your Novel From the Middle
Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird

Marketing/self-publishing books

Useful General Resources

Janice Hardy's Blog  - fantastic tips on plotting, characters, and just about every aspect of writing. Highly recommended!
K. M. Weiland (Helping Writers Become Authors)
Jody Hedlund's Blog - again - a great blog with tons of helpful articles.
Susan Dennard's Blog - a fabulous collection of useful articles for writers.
Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers 
Jane Friedman's Writing Advice Archive 
Paper Hearts - a collection of writing advice from author Beth Revis.
Writers Helping Writers: Thesaurus Collections
The Snowflake Method
Plot Development Worksheet  - Adventures in YA Publishing
Terribleminds (Chuck Wendig's blog) 
Courtney Summers' Website 
Reference for Writers
The Writing Cafe
Publishing Crawl (in particular, this post for writing a synopsis!)
Elizabeth Spann Craig's Website
TV tropes

Submitting to agents/ publishers

Self-publishing Advice

For Fantasy Writers 
Clever Girl Helps
Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions